Dreaming of Finland

I’ve been dreaming of Finland for a long time and not long from now I plan to be there! As per usual, I am nowhere as detailed in planning as I had once thought I would be. There are some wishes that would be fun to fulfill. Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Drinking sima in Finland. I brewed some of this as a teenager. Perhaps I can test the “real thing.”
  • Having a sauna in Finland. Is this too obvious?
  • Seeing an inland Saimaa ring seal in the Savonlinaa area.
  • Traveling north of the Arctic Circle!
  • Visiting reindeer on their own turf.
  • Exploring libraries!
  • Meeting relatives and new friends.
  • Paddling.
  • Visiting a farm.

All good wish lists should include some stretch wishes that are unlikely to be fulfilled so that a return trip can be planned. I will need to work on my list further so that it can be well rounded. Right now I need to revisit my packing list and prepare to go!

One thought on “Dreaming of Finland

  1. Sartenada says:

    I saw Your post and I have to answer it although I am on “vacation” and making my next post after two weeks.

    First: Welcome!

    My blog is the best to present Finland, believe it or not. I give to You some links from my blog that You can get more ideas.

    Arctic Circle. Yes, it is awesome for visit and to travel beyond it. Here is my first post from 14 + 3 dating last year having links to the next and previous:

    Beyond the Arctic Circle1

    Savonlinna area is the best one in Southern Finland. Here is its famous castle in winter and summer:

    Castle of Olavinlinna

    Nearby there is also to be visited:

    World’s biggest wooden church

    About Sauna, I have made a post:

    Finnish Sauna

    Well, the rest You can find easily from my blog. On the left there are 184 posts. Otherwise You should scroll down Categories from which You could easily find same items grouped by Categories. Welcome for virtual visit before the real adventure.

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