Sewing without a map

Mom taught me how to sew without a map. No pattern, no pins unless essential, inexpensive materials, with measurements and math on the fly are par for the course.  This can lead to unexpected results, such as the time that I sewed through my thumb with the machine when I was a teen.

This pillow project was simple and successful. Here’s the pillow in a flannel case sewn from an upcycled flannel sheet. The plants behind it are purple loosestrife, being raised to propagate bio-control beetles.

Photo of zippered pillow case

Zippered pillow case

The outer case was made from a fabric scrap purchased at the thrift store. Due to the shape of the scrap, three pieces were sewn together to make the case.

Photo of frog pillow case

Frog pillow case

Because I’m a geek, I love that almost all of the fabric was used. (Didn’t Jack make a nice butterfly to repair the seat of my chair?)

Photo of small fabric scraps left over


The total cost for a fully covered pillow plus all of the other scraps that are yet to be used: $6.50.

New pillow form; rummage sale; $0.50
Flannel; Mom; upcycled from sheet
Zipper; Mom or thrift store; $1.00
Frog fabric from bag of scraps; thrift store; $4.99

It is almost midsummer. Happy Summer Solstice!

Birch leaves in the late day sun

Birch leaves in the late day sun