Teaching resources

Colleen Kessler compiles a list of free resources for elementary teachers in this book covering major topic areas including literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, art, and music in her book, Free Resources for Elementary Teachers. Each of these topic areas forms a chapter of the book. A heading with a website URL and brief description highlight each resource the author has selected is the primary content. Each chapter also includes a section of frugal fun activities, tips, and games in the topic. Overall, the book provides a quick list of ideas for a elementary teacher to explore. Other content are chapters on teachers’ blogs and home school blogs. Essentially, this book provides a list of websites with free educational resources. Due to this type of content, the book will have a short lifespan.
Providing additional information about each website in a visual format would increase the functionality of the content. For example, the information could include: if the content is for the teacher, student, or both; the type of website sponsor (non-profit, commercial); the amount of advertising on the website and if is visible to the student; and the quality of information provided.
Reviewed from a copy received from Prufrock Press Inc through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.