Just paddling along

I was prepared for a very productive day at home this morning. Bills taken care of, dishes washed, laundry hung on the line…and then my friend Pat called and asked if I wanted to go paddling. Productivity out! Paddling in!

BB Bridge on a sunny day

BB Bridge on a sunny day

We took Pat’s kayaks and floated a stretch of the Little Wolf River not far from home.

Married frogs, as distinguished by completely different focuses

Married frogs, as distinguished by completely different focuses

The turtles that George and I saw along the river earlier this year are still around, but are faster moving! No photos today.

Water lily

Water lily

The water lily is overexposed, but it was a bright day out.

Pat heads downstream

Pat heads downstream

I was doing the good thing and picking up garbage. The too frequently found plastic bottle was expected; a section of tire wasn’t surprising; but the old electronics were the low-light. The frog using the case for shade was a surprise.

Frog house?

Frog house?

Loaded up with the "goods"

Loaded up with the “goods”

Now, I just need to stop at the dump in the morning. The heated river scum smell isn’t very appealing in my car. Still, its much better than a productive day! Thanks Pat!

4 thoughts on “Just paddling along

  1. Annette says:

    Paddling! yes! I’d opt for that first too! We just got 2 kayaks–John and I go as often as we can now. Good for you grabbing the garbage–I do that too! But your haul is impressive here.

  2. Jessie says:

    It looks like a fun morning, and a lot more fun than our conversation with the D.O.T. man!

  3. Jenny says:

    Impressive and sad load of garbage! I am happy to hear you got out paddling!

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