My sweetheart

My sweetheart and I share the same favorite color…blue.

My sweetheart and I share the same unreasonably large affection for sweets, especially boxed chocolates, the kind with caramel inside.

My sweetheart and I love to read. Most recently we have been enjoying Strictly for the Chickens together. Fran’s search for a packing box large enough to hold her husband had us both laughing.

My sweetheart and I love fresh snow lit by a bright sun in a blue sky.

My sweetheart and I agree that Grandpa can be unnecessarily grumpy at times. We both still love him.

My sweetheart can fall into the snow, while waiting for me to cross the road and get the mail, and only proclaim “I’m not going to do that again!”

My sweetheart is kind, loving, and just sweet. Her mind doesn’t always work in the predictable fashion that it has for many years, but her personality and humor persist.

One of the things my sweetheart has taught me recently is the power of a good habit. Grandma’s favorite breakfast is shredded wheat, half of a grapefruit, coffee with cream, and a glass of juice. Other meals and foods, even some past favorites, can be questioned at times. Breakfast is always enjoyed with enthusiasm. Grandma says that when she was growing up, she was the only one in her family that liked shredded wheat.

May you have a sweetheart in your life to share joy with.

Photograph of Grandma and I

December 2011 - Photo taken by HVB