Craft for the pitiful

I am a generally healthy person and am usually thankful for it, as I should be.

Then I get a measly cold (no, not measly as in 1: containing larval tapeworms or 2 : infested with trichinae, but as in 3: contemptibly small*) and I deteriorate into a snively (both 1: running at the nose and 2: pitiful or whining) creature. I hate being sick. What to do?

Since I’m snively, I can’t do all the fun and robust activities that I normally like. But, I can browse Pinterest and find a craft for the pitiful. The parts are easy to gather, the process is decidedly simple, and the outcome is satisfying. What can be better than that?

Getting something done felt so good, that I even braided the free end to use as a cable tie. Now let’s just hope that I feel better before I need to start on another cable.

*Have I mentioned that I love the feature of a Google search where “define:” is added to a search term and Google finds definitions for the search term?