Dreaming of Finland

I’ve been dreaming of Finland for a long time and not long from now I plan to be there! As per usual, I am nowhere as detailed in planning as I had once thought I would be. There are some wishes that would be fun to fulfill. Here they are (in no particular order):

  • Drinking sima in Finland. I brewed some of this as a teenager. Perhaps I can test the “real thing.”
  • Having a sauna in Finland. Is this too obvious?
  • Seeing an inland Saimaa ring seal in the Savonlinaa area.
  • Traveling north of the Arctic Circle!
  • Visiting reindeer on their own turf.
  • Exploring libraries!
  • Meeting relatives and new friends.
  • Paddling.
  • Visiting a farm.

All good wish lists should include some stretch wishes that are unlikely to be fulfilled so that a return trip can be planned. I will need to work on my list further so that it can be well rounded. Right now I need to revisit my packing list and prepare to go!