A few of my favorite things…

I was happy when my financial institution began asking security questions that were not already in the public sphere. I want my data to be challenging for others to retrieve.

My mother’s maiden name will stay with me for a lifetime if I am lucky. The flip side is that it is fairly exposed information. And what about people who came to be with an anonymous maid? Or have a highly progressive name that documents five generations on both sides of his or her family and exposes this to everyone?

My place of birth? Perhaps a little more obscure, but still relatively easy to obtain. If I have an option , I don’t it for a security question because I can’t remember if it has one or two l’s and who wants to look that up before getting the checking account balance?

First car? That really doesn’t stick with me because I was able to adopt many beaters (for which I am very thankful) before actually purchasing my car. The definition of first car could be different depending on my current feelings.

So, when I was asked to name my favorite activity to view my checking  account activity I was pleased. Until I needed to use it. Reading or just read? No. Travel or traveling? No. Since I have little patience for this sort of stuff and will run out of guesses (hopefully or un-hopefully I won’t be able to enter ALL of my guesses) I gave up for the moment. Are these favorite things so private after all? My blog would be even LESS interesting to read if I wrote about things that I don’t enjoy.

Don’t be surprised if a future blog documents my genealogy with birthplace, vehicles that I have driven with a definition of the first one, all of the pets I have had in my life and which one was alive at the time of account set-up, along with all of my favorite things noting the very most favorite of all. I need a place to look this stuff up.