The best time in a long time

George cheerfully came into the house with a huge smile and exclaimed “That is the best time I’ve had in a long time!”

I’m for taking joy anytime and anywhere you can find it, but we were just in Puerto Rico last week. Yes, the travel was hard. Yes, we worked on replacing a roof. Yes, it was hot and humid, one of my least favorite combinations. But it was a really, really good time for both of us. So I had to question him on his claim.

“Yeah but this was even better! I drove [the neighbor’s] tractor and it was great!”

A little background on the tractor situation. None of our tractors is running. George has been trying to repair one in very cool temperatures the past few days. Yesterday’s low temperature was -26F and the high was -5F. Wind gusts were measured up to 20 mph. [As reported at for Green Bay, Wisconsin.] This can equate to a windchill as low as -56F. The repair has not worked. The cattle and sheep need to be fed round bales weighing about 900 lbs each, requiring a tractor.

Photograph of tractor radiator sitting on the recycling bins
The old radiator that apparently needs to live on our recycling bins until it is repaired

“The heater in the cab was too hot and I had to turn it down! The hydraulics work great!”

May you take joy anytime and anywhere you can find it.

The battery charger and battery in the entry way. When the house is the only warm location they need to come indoors.