Hard on houseguests

October 5, 2013 (This post sat in the unfinished queue too long.)

“Our” butterfly emerged! Well, I think that it was our butterfly. (See Approaching Autumn.) The tomato stalk that the chrysalis was attached to fell over, like tomatoes do at this time of year. I moved a section of the stalk, with the chrysalis, to the lip of an empty dog bowl and supported it with a bit of rusty barbwire. I would have been more careful, but there were things to be done. Two days later, the dog bowl was back in use, the barbwire was on the table top on the deck, and the chrysalis was nowhere to be seen. George denied seeing a chrysalis before moving the bowl. Which is probably a true statement, regardless of the position of the chrysalis, but didn’t lead me to any answers. What we did find while doing chores on September 21, was a newly emerged butterfly.Butterfly

It was so exciting to see our butterfly, contemplate its past, and speculate on its future that I probably wasn’t the best host. I crawled close to it to inspect and photograph it, even before its wings were fully extended. Despite being a sunny day, it was cool and breezy. I wanted the butterfly to be on a sunny, sheltered nectar source. I chased the poor butterfly, probably sealing its demise. Fortunately for the butterfly, I haven’t see it since. Getting loved to death is a real possibility around here.

Larry is visiting today. He and George picked pasture apples (no, not that kind!) for the pantry. They peeled and cored them. So far 58 quarts have been canned and there are at least a couple of gallons awaiting canning or eating. I was chief bottle washer, but allowed to peel and core the last apple of the bunch (for today).

Apple brothers

Apple brothers

Apple peels

Apple peels

Apple slices

Apple slices

Apples canned

Apples canned

Come and visit! We might serve you some apple crisp…after completing a project or two!

2 thoughts on “Hard on houseguests

  1. lynnmarieh says:

    I love your writing Sue. “Getting loved to death is a real possibility around here.”

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