Thinking Finland

There are times when I like to focus my reading, listening, and watching on a theme. Right now it is Finland, land of many ancestors.


Riding with Reindeer Bicycling can be done in bad weather, in areas with so few people that you converse with any animal or object.

The Princess Mouse: A Tale of Finland Love the one you’re with, with great illustrations.

The Year of the Hare The reserved Finns are too much for me. I shall befriend a hare.

Culture Shock! Finland Finns are reserved. Who knew. I found the Culture Shock! India book very helpful and am currently reading the Finland guide.

The Winter War It’s been a while since I read this, but it has helped form my image of Finland.

Louhi, Witch of North Farm Louhi, the Witch of North Farm, partakes in the activities of daily life in Finland. She makes blueberry soup. She looks at the boats. She knits. However, she isn’t in the mood for everyday activities. She wants to do something Witch-Witch-Witchety. Louhi goes out looking for trouble…and finds it!

Living in Finland Just browsed this one.


Finlandia Too many changes in volume for my old car. I was constantly adjusting the volume. I’ve gotten a newer car to try again.


Ultimate Scandinavia I didn’t even know that river boarding was a sport. Now I want to try it!

Mother of Mine A child, WWII, Finland and Sweden.

The Man Without a Past

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale Reindeer, Santa Claus, mining, elves, and a child hero in a dark comedy. Very funny for those with a tough skin.

Aki Kaurisaki’s Leningrad Cowboys


Finnish…In 60 Minutes “…the listener can commit it to memory.” I daresay that the editor of this blub should consider the difference between can and may.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

6 thoughts on “Thinking Finland

  1. Sounds like good reads! I’ll have to get them next time I’m at the library.

    I have some great movie and music suggestions for you! Anything by Äki Kaurismäki: especially Ariel, Shadows in Paradise, The Match Factory Girl, and Leningrad Cowboys Go America. They’re the epitome of dark Finnish humor, and I have a bunch of his films if you want to borrow them. Steam of Life (miesten vuoro) is also excellent. It’s all about reserved Finnish men opening up to each other in the sauna. I think my all-time favorite was Rare Exports, though. It’s a “scary” Christmas movie that’s just hilarious.

    The best music to listen to is: Rajaton, Anssi Kela, and Pariisin Kevät. Or if you want a taste of 90’s pop music in Finland, listen to Nylon Beat 😉

  2. Jessie says:

    “Finns are reserved. Who knew.”
    😀 Ha!
    I don’t have any other ideas but I think I’ll check out some of the two of yours!

  3. Jessie says:

    I need to leave another comment to say that Ivy loved the Princess Mouse, and while I had to put it on hold to read my book club book I’m also enjoying The Year of the Hare. Then we got When Bear Came Down from the Sky by Tree de Gerez (who wrote Louhi: Witch of North Farm when she was called Toni instead of Tree, I think Carol gave me that book as a kid, I still like it!). And suddenly I felt all thematic like you, thanks for the ideas!

  4. Sartenada says:

    What comes to music, then do not forget our National Music instrument Kantele!

    In my YouTube channel I have nice post from it. Salla is playing Kantele in the church of Loviisa:

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